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Our Services: The Art of Engraving


Callari Engravers provides on-site event engraving services for luxury product launches, high-end retail stores, and exclusive events. Our talented artists are available nationwide and will hand-engrave beautiful calligraphy on fragrance bottles, awards, jewelry, compacts, bar ware, spirits bottles, glass, crystal, and other objects.


On-Site Event Engraving

We work with major department stores, brands and makers of luxury goods to promote their products during special events, such as new product launches, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and the holiday Season.


Please contact us directly to request our Rate Sheet.


Incentivize Your Customers to Purchase Now

The idea of receiving an artistically personalized gift item, or giving it to someone special, attracts customers to your product events in a way that no other service can. The limited engagement of our services gives potential customers a sense of urgency to buy now so as not to miss this exclusive opportunity.


Enhance Your Bottom Line

From a business perspective, an engraved purchase is significantly less likely to be returned, especially if the return policies are clearly stated.


In over four decades of service, we have found that engraving is the most effective promotion for boosting sales and attracting repeat customers. Custom engraving offers customers a level of personalization that simply cannot be achieved by any other offer or promotion, including gift-with-purchase offers, free greeting cards, tote bags or cosmetic samples in boosting sales. On average, we see over 25% repeat sales during these events.


Sales staff reports oustanding results when Callari Engravers is on the floor with them. "The perfume sells itself when Callari Engravers are here," said a senior salesperson at Macy's.


What Do We Do?

We cover New York, New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island and Los Angeles. We travel frequently to our clients' events across the United States and overseas.


When Should A Client Book Our Services?

We do 300+ events per year, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, new product launches, venue openings, weddings, film festivals, and special events, such as the Kentucky Derby.


We strongly recommend booking us as far in advance as possible, especially around the holidays, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your event and your needs.


How Do We Do It?

The process for custom engraving at events is as follows:


  • The salesperson rings up the sale and asks the customer to write the desired name or term on a slip of paper.

  • The engraver prepares the surface and conducts the engraving from behind a small, enclosed engraving set-up.

  • The entire process takes 2-3 minutes to engrave a single name on each item.


Our elegant engraving studio, including our own lighting,  takes up approximately 2 feet of counter space.


We ask our clients to furnish a sturdy table or counter, a chair, and access to an electrical outlet.


What Items Can We Engrave?

Because we do our on-site engraving by hand, we can work with almost any object, including round bottles and items with textured surfaces. We consult with our clients during the booking process to ensure that we can indeed work with the products or awards they intend to use.


On the off chance that we cannot engrave on the desired object, we are happy to provide suggestions for possible alternatives.


How Safe Is It To Engrave On Site?

We take every precaution to ensure the safety and security of our client, their staff, their customers, and our own engravers. We adhere to OSHA's highest safety standards, and Callari Engravers is fully insured.

We ensure that our equipment is quiet and unobtrusive so as not to interrupt the sales process or the flow of customers.


Custom Engraving

Although Callari Engravers does not have a retail store, we will do individual custom retail orders by appointment only. We require a minium of $75 per order, in addition to shipping fees.


We will do our best to acccommodate your needs or suggest a local engraver to assist you.



We are not associated in any way with Your Name Here Inc. (250 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014).

That retail store is wholly owned and operated by Jay Andre and is now DBA: Andre Engraving since September 2011.

Please do not contact us with concerns regarding any transactions with Mr. Andre or his associates.


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